Granit Tickets™, the web-based incident management software

GranitTickets provides interfaces to facilitate incident managementGranit Tickets™ is an online incident management software and a support ticket system which allows you to effectively manage events (incidents, questions, complaints, defects,...) important to your business. It greatly simplifies the actions necessary to record, process and follow up those events.

The incident management software Granit Tickets™ is a web-oriented solution which is accessed through a common web browser.

The incident management software Granit Tickets™ because of its simplicity can be used as an alternative to complex helpdesk systems. User-friendly, reliable, easy to configure, Granit Tickets™ can be used without training.

The support software Granit Tickets™ offers « 3 tools in 1 »:

  • Virtual office to provide yours customers
  • Support tasks manager
  • Examiner of activity (Diagnostic of the service)

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How to work the incident management software Granit Tickets™

How to work the incident management software GranitTickets

Chiffre 1
Using a Web browser a customer connects to Granit Tickets™ and registers his request on a ticket.
Later the customer can also connect back to Granit Tickets™ to check on the progress of his request.

Chiffre 2
Every request registered by Granit Tickets™ is assigned to a support agent.

Chiffre 3
The support agent solves the incident he is responsible for according to their degree of priority. Once the incident is solved, the ticket is closed.

Chiffre 4Granit Ticket™ provides management with statistical tools.

Granit Tickets™, the customizable solution

Granit Tickets™ adapts itself easily to any working environment. Completely customizable, Granit Tickets™ can be freely configured by your system administrator, even after the initial starting of the platform (updated dynamic interface).

To facilitate your handling of the incident management system, Granit Tickets™ can be delivered as a pre-configured system, tailored specifically to your business needs. Various types of solutions are already available as pre-configured platform:

  • Platform for IT Helpdesk
  • Centralised support platform for franchisees' network
  • Customer service management system for department stores
  • Support management system for machine-tools manufacturers or equipment manufacturers
  • Repair and maintenance management system for watchmaker sale networks

Granit Tickets™ Features


  • GranitTickets has a developed text editor2 implementation modes: Deploying limited to company (intranet) / Deploying with expanded access to external registered users (internet)
  • Web-based software
  • Secure login
  • Automatic notification via e-mail
  • Available software in all the western languages using the Latin character set (english, german, french, italian, spanish, etc)
  • User-friendly interface, no necessary training required
  • Customization of the product to your business needs and image
  • Online manual
  • License system adapted to your need

Management of tickets

  • Creation of a ticket by a customer or a support agent
  • Text Editor including text functions, insertion functions for images, tables, mathematical formulas, emoticons, etc.
  • Possibility of setting a priority to each ticket
  • Possibility of adding a deadline to each ticket
  • Possibility of adding attachements to each ticket (one or several files)
  • Status check of tickets (open / in progress / closed)
  • Possibility of re-opening a previously closed ticket
  • Recording of all actions associated with a ticket
  • Transfer of the ticket to the designated support agent
    Recapitulative list of tickets
  • Search engine with configurable criteria of search


  • Users managementThe incident management software GranitTickets provides various statistical reports
  • Passwords management
  • Customisation of interfaces
  • Configuration of online forms
  • Configuration of the criteria used by the search engine of tickets

User access

  • 3 types of access: customer, support agent and administrator
  • Interfaces and functionalities specific to each type of access
  • Secure login (Login/password) allows access to the various functions
  • Automatic logoff by prolonged inactivity


  • Summary of support activities
  • Statistical reports for qualifying tickets
  • Statistical reports to evaluate the performance of the support service
  • Statistical reports to evaluate the performance of each individual agent support
  • Knowledge base for support agents
  • Automatic notification of the change of status of every ticket by e-mail
  • Automatic notification of the list of the out-of-date tickets

Distribution methods of the support tickets system Granit Tickets™

Granit Tickets™ is available under 3 different forms:

  1. Software to install: You receive a software package and you install it yourself on your systems

  2. Application server: You receive a server on which Granit Tickets™ has already been installed and configured so that you have a solution ready to use

  3. SaaS software: Granit Tickets™ is available as a cloud computing solution. An instance of Granit Tickets™ is installed on our servers but is only accessible by you.

Main benefits of the support tickets system Granit Tickets™

The use of Granit Tickets™ will boost the productivity and the quality of your support activities.

The use of Granit Tickets™ as incident management system guarantees handling 100 % of the cases in the best response time possible. Granit Tickets™ provides not only a tool for follow-up but also a knowledge database to assist support agents in solving cases.

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